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Beneath The Surface

Anthology of thirteen short stories, perfect for cold nights by the fire and snowed in days off work. Features Secrets (Never Told) by Richard Wright (Shroud Publishing 2008).


“An anthology of old school tales containing stories which are, by turns, spooky, gripping, insightful, pulpish, and just downright fun. A first offering from Shroud Publishing that will hopefully be followed by plenty more in the same vein.” – Tom Piccirilli, author of The Cold Spot and The Midnight Road

“Beneath the Surface is loaded with powerful tales from powerful voices. From Scott William Carter’s atmospheric “Stone Creek Station” to Angeline Hawkes’s tale of cursed bones, to Richard Wright’s thoughtful “Secrets Never Told,” you will likely feel…uncomfortable…and so much happier for it.” – Stephen Mark Rainey,author of Blue Devil Island and The Lebo Coven.

There are literally no clunkers contained within this anthology.” – Norman L Rubenstein, Fearzone.

“Beneath the Surface is a first-rate horror anthology that delivers a thoroughly enjoyable collection of fiendishly fun tales.” – Russell Williams, Dark Realms magazine

“A must for any serious horror fan, if anything as a template on how the genre can still be completely original in its storytelling. If you can find a collection like this anywhere else please let me know immediately.” – Gregory L. Hall, Choate Road

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