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Xmas Bond

December 23, 2007 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Even more than the Die Hard movies, Xmas is a great time for James Bond, especially in the UK (I don’t know about the States, but over here Bond reruns have been a staple of Christmas since I was nipper, with the latest flick often appearing on the Box on or around Christmas day). Sky movies have kept the tradition alive by holding Casino Royale back until this week, and we watched it last night. I saw it in the cinema with my mother, a long-time Bond addict, and was pleasantly blown away. After a year, it remains an excellent reboot. No longer a big budget pantomime, the team behind Daniel Craig turned it into a proper, honest-to-goodness movie, with characters, plot, and so forth. And Craig himself is, of course, stunning in it. Even my partner liked it, and she’s very particular about this sort of film (her reaction to Mission Impossible III was immediate and damning – hey, I thought that was an enjoyable enough romp!).

So between Bond and McClane, my festive film tellywatching is now complete. There remains only the Dr Who C special Voyage of the Damned, screening Christmas day, alongside the Extras special that promises to be the final episode of the Gervais/Merchant masterpiece, and then I’ll be ready for 2008.

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