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New Site Design

December 19, 2007 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life, News

This evening, I finally got around to rejigging the website back to something more friendly. If you’re reading this courtesy of your favourite RSS reader, jump back to the original and let me know what you think. It’s an interim solution, until I have time to invest in putting together the design and layout I have in my head, and I’m not quite finished yet. I have a little tweaking to finish behind the scenes, but how’s it look to you?

It’s appropriate timing for a mini relaunch, as the 17th (yesterday, as I write) marked the tenth anniversary of the term ‘weblog’, which is what this whole site basically is. Ten years on, Technorati is allegedly tracking 70 million blogs across the world, with new posts being made on average every 17 seconds. That’s a lot of typing, by a lot of people, and shows you how the world has changed. Basically, its much easier for me to bore you. I can do it remotely, through your PC monitor, saving me vast amounts of petrol and travel tickets.

Because yes, if I couldn’t do it here, I’d hunt you down and do it in person. Think on.

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