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December 21, 2007 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Two letters came in this morning, one good and one bad. The first, alas, was a speeding fine, as I was clocked going a teeny bit over the limit a few weeks back (well, eighteen miles per hour over the limit, but to be fair I was speeding up to join the flow of traffic on the motorway at the time – daft place for a camera). Sixty quid and three points, which is fair enough. No point moaning about it when I clearly was going to fast.

The second was a better letter, containing as it did a Decree of Absolute (Divorce). Not before time, as this was supposed to be done with in the summer, and has somehow dragged out for months. The actual date of the decree is December 14th, so I’m been unmarried for a week now without actually knowing it. Worth raising a glass to, don’t you think?

Today has eased along very pleasantly, culminating in my daughter’s Christmas show this afternoon. It was all a bit madcap to be honest, as the girls at the nursery battled to control and lead so many very excited kids, but they had a blast, and our little Diva was in fine showing off form. The mulled wine which the girls plied us with helped too, of course…

Mulled wine is something that I find it hard to imagine enjoying at any other time of the year. If you think about its origins – basically, bad wine was made vaguely drinkable by slamming loads of honey and spices through it – it’s not something that should really be thought of as a ‘Christmas treat’, and yet somehow, at this time of year, it becomes very pleasing indeed. A bit like sprouts. I hate sprouts, except as part of Christmas dinner. No good torment would be complete without them…

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