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The British Fantasy Awards

August 7, 2007 by Richard Wright in Journal, News, Writing

I mentioned a while ago that the Pendragon Press anthology Choices, featuring my novelette ‘Radio Trauma’, had made it to the (very) long list of potential nominees for the British Fantasy Award in the best anthology of 2006 category. Alas, it has now been bumped off that list… straight onto the bona fide final shortlist. The BFS membership will now go away and ponder the final five, vote again, and the winner will be announced alongside the other categories at an awards dinner on the 23rd September in Nottingham (a bit like the Oscars, only shabbier and more drunken, or so I gather). I was already delighted to be in this book, and obviously this remains the case, only a little bit more. Congratulations to the editor and publisher Chistopher Teague, who spent a long time planning and filling the book, trying to get it right, for getting this far, and fingers crossed that he gets a trophy for his mantle, because he’s thoroughly deserving of one. He also, obviously, has absolutely splendid tastes in fiction…

As for ‘Radio Trauma’, it too was knocked from its long list in the best novella anthology, but in a less aspiring direction. Not a surprise in the least, and I’ve commented previously that I would have been a little bit embarrassed to get any further, given the lack of actual fantasy in the story (fantasy should be a given in a British Fantasy Award shortlisted story, I feel). However, I also mentioned in that entry how much I’d like to see Paul Finch’s ‘Kid’ win the award, so am pleased to see it on the list in the novella category. Happy to see Eric Brown’s ‘Memory of Joy’, also from Choices, on there too, which is also very deserving, in my opinion.

I’ll be at the British Fantasy Convention this year in Nottingham, although I won’t be attending the awards banquet in order to keep costs down, so I look forward to buying the nominees a pint or two in person.

So, to summarise, Choices has now been released to some excellent reviews, has been shortlisted for the British Fantasy Award for best anthology, has had two of the six stories shortlisted for the British Fantasy Award in the best novella category, and has a perfectly credible chance of winning any of those awards.

So now will you go and buy the damn book?

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