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Tattered Souls, Quick Review

August 13, 2007 by Richard Wright in Journal, News, Writing

A short and enthusiastic review of Tattered Souls can be enjoyed over at The Monster Librarian (because of the way the site uses frames, I can’t link to the exact page, so navigate your way through ‘Adult Horror Fiction’, then to ‘Horror Anthologies’ – the review should be second from the top at the time of writing).

I don’t agree with the reviewer’s suggestion that erotic themes unify the anthology, unless the definition of erotic stops exactly at ‘it’s got some sex in it’, and even then I don’t think sex itself is a theme as such. It just happens to appear in most, if not all, of the stories as an act. However, I do agree with the assertion that this is as very good book, and that you should probably own a copy.

“Cutting Block Press has put out a book of high quality horror that is extreme in every sense of the word. Recommended.”

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