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Tattered Souls in Texas

July 11, 2007 by Richard Wright in Journal, News, Writing

I popped out for a showing of Die Hard 4.0 today, and found it very silly, in a tremendously enjoyable way. Implausible, but rocket fuelled, action, and Bruce Willis stumbling around like a smirking, beaten-up terminator. Thoroughly enjoyable – use the previous three movies to judge whether you’d like it, as it’s more of the same, and very well done.

Do I have readers in Austin, Texas? Wave, if you’re out there.

Okay, that wasn’t practical, even if I like the idea that you just waved.

Anyway, I ask because Cutting Block Press are holding a book signing event at the Book Place this Friday, the 13th. They’ll have thier whole inventory to hand, which of course includes the anthology Tattered Souls, home of my novelette ‘Other People’. They’ll also have gallons of beer and wine, a willingness to do readings and answer questions, and possibly some authors too, with signing arms at the ready. While you’re there, it would be terribly rude not to pick up a book… say, Tattered Souls. Tell them I sent you. They’re a nice bunch, putting out great books, and could do with your support.

As fo Tattered Souls, I’ve yet to see any reviews of the book, but I read it in May, and really did enjoy it. The horror is strong and twisted, and the standard of writing and storytelling (two wholly different diciplines, in my opinion) is very high indeed. Hard though it is to pick a favourite, I got a real kick out of the extremely cinematic ‘The End of Flesh’, by Matt Wallace. Go and find out why.

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