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Note to Terrorists

July 1, 2007 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Note to terrorists. Terrorism is a rubbish weapon to use against the United Kingdom, and has been for some time. I don’t know whether it’s a resilience born of the IRA’s activity prior to the nineties, or just the more general British habit of unexcitability, but my sweeping impression of the reaction to acts of terror in this country is that they just don’t achieve the desired effect. Far from instilling fear in the hearts of the populace, such acts more usually create nothing more than a sort of mild irritation at the inconvenience. Obviously, there’s an initial surprise and shock, but it goes away far too quickly to be of note, and is replaced by a peculiar bemusement.

My partner was stuck at Glasgow airport yesterday, when the blazing jeep ploughed into it, until the early hours of this morning. Was she shellshocked at her close encounter with what was clearly a (rubbish) car bomb? Was she a-trembling and a-weeping at the wanton violation of her safety, and the direct threat to her life?


She was bloody annoyed at getting home so late, is what she was. I’m glad the bombers were taken into custody/hospital, otherwise she might have given them a damn good talking to.

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