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Tattered Souls Launch

April 2, 2007 by Richard Wright in Journal, News, Writing

On ten ‘o’ clock on Saturday night, at the World Horror Convention in Toronto, Tattered Souls was launched by Cutting Block Press. Within its pages lies my new novelette Other People.

The book is currently up for pre-order at the publisher’s website, and believe me, you need a copy. Other People is among the most disturbing pieces of fiction I’ve written, and divides my readers like no other. You need to discover what side of the line you sit on.

In fancy terms, the story is an overtly existentialist dissection of four characters who believe there is only one path for them to take. In regular speak, Sartre aside, it’s about how the world looks from inside your own head, and how different that is from what everybody else sees.

Don’t sit there reading me type about it. Go and buy it. You’re going to be back with questions when you turn the final page, I promise you.

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