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She Will Love You More Than Any Other Guy!

March 17, 2007 by Richard Wright in Journal


The spam filters around the comments function of this site are being put hard through their paces at the moment – yesterday I removed 98 spambot droppings from the moderation queue. Over thirty of them started with the above subject line.

I know that functioning grammar is too much to expect from a humble spambot, but this one boggles my mind every time I see it. I mean, what is it saying? It raises so many questions.

  • Who is she? A nubile young filly full of sexual stamina, or somebody’s great-grandmother? Is the statement an enticement, or a vaguely worrying threat? Does the product being endorsed guarantee me a psychotic stalker?
  • Does it mean she will love me more than she loves other guys? How many other guys is this hussy seeing anyway? Am I to be part of some sort of harem?
  • More worrying still, does it mean that she will love me more than the other guys will? Is she, in fact, part guy? Does that mean this product make me irresistible to shemales? Is that something I want in my life?

When you’ve read the declaration as often as I have in the past twenty-four hours, these questions become inevitable. I almost want to follow the links, just to see if there are answers on the far side. Perhaps it’s a riddle, and great rewards will be bestowed on he who solves it…

Anyway, for those who have met the moderation message, that’s why it’s there. Theoretically, once I’ve approved one comment from you, telling the website that you’re a proper person (hopefully with some vague notion of why grammar was invented), your future comments should be passed automatically, and published immediately – so if you see it, don’t shy away. I don’t censor people posting (well, if things got abusive I might, but that’s not likely), I’m just trying to make sure this doesn’t become a default porn site by association.

Oh, and you may have noticed that you can now tick a little checkbox when making a comment. Doing so means you’ll get an email notification whenever anybody else, including me, posts a comment on the same article. Helpful, if you want a reply but haven’t time to keep coming back to see if I’ve got round to it…


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  1. JackieMarch 19, 2007 at 6:31 pm

    Well, you certainly do have faith in us, that we will keep your blog comments on the straight and narrow. *snicker* Oh, but I could have sooo much fun right now…

    That spam title really is an interesting one to ponder.

  2. Richard WrightMarch 19, 2007 at 10:51 pmAuthor

    I am merely reminding myself why faith is a universally bad thing…

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