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Dark Terrains – Snippets

October 26, 2006 by Richard Wright in Journal, News, Writing

Dark Terrains will be available to download for free, and pass around as you like, in twelve hours. It might even be less, but it won’t be more.

In the meantime, here are some snippets – opening lines from the various stories therein. Enjoy.

Which Image Am I?
Tunnelling straight to the man’s thoughts, the wet red hole drilled through the bone of his forehead and into the meat of his mind.

Theatre Is Beauty, Theatre Is Pain
Harry had known for weeks that his last trip to the Old Logeion Theatre would be one of sorrow.

William wiped away his sweat and tears on his torn sleeve, then placed his hand firmly on Delia’s breast.

You won’t be able to help yourself, proclaimed the leaflet thrust into John Conoghan’s hand as he strode down Sauchiehall Street.

The Jealous Dead
When the twenty-two tonne lorry literally smashed the life from Ian Blake, it was the end of a very bad day.

Bulimia Daemonica
Jenny had been falling for a long time, almost a year by her reckoning, and when she finally hit the water it hurt.

If he had known he was empathic, he might never have taken the job.

Office Blues
”Yeah, Jackson Green. Pets and people found, cheating spouses exposed, lives ruined at cost. Help ya?”

One Bad Day
Pain, sudden and solid. Blackness.

Meek Of The Earth
Agonised and writhing, they rolled and crawled over each other in the effort to flee, to live.

I finally understand it. The implications are enormous, in some ways terrifying, yet there’s no escaping them.

The Ghosts Of Christmas Presents
Christmas Eve. Alan waited nervously, pacing and humming, excitement and fear holding equal claim to his hurricane thoughts.

When The Stars Threw Down Their Spears
Whimpering, his scorched hand clamped over the frost-rimed hole in his chest, Ambrose fell through the door, hitting the landing carpet with a sharp gasp.

Twelve hours. Tell your friends.

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