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August 7, 2006 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life, Writing

Dear me, it’s been a while. Apologies if you missed me, but the absence has been due to good things, rather than bad. Here’s a summary of what I’ve been up to, and what’s coming up. Nope, scratch that, it would take too long. Here are some edited highlights, then.

On the personal front, some offline issues have cleared up nicely, and I am a calmer, happier man. Four months of stress have more or less vanished, which as you can imagine, is quite a good thing. It had reached the stage where stress was such an omnipresent part of my waking day, that I had forgotten what not feeling it was like.

I can now confirm that it’s rather smashing, actually.

Of course, life won’t let me get away with things that easily, and there’s a turbulent period coming. For the next few weeks, until more or less the back end of September, I shall be enjoying the hospitality of cheap hotels for much of my time (for reasons not worth mentioning here). While I’ll be able to pop back home occasionally, it won’t be for more than a day or two at a time. I’m going to miss Kirsty and Eva an awful lot. My opportunities for posting here will also be few and far between, but don’t you worry, things are good.

We had a heatwave here recently, during which Eva discovered the beach, and the ocean. It has become her very favourite place on earth, and the expression of absolute glee and wonder on her face when we stepped onto the sand was quite something to behold. During said heatwave, we also decided to take some time away, and visit family. Where did we pick?

The north-east of Scotland, where we encountered what can only be described as horror movie weather. It started on the drive up, about twenty miles short of our destination. One moment, we were driving through glorious sunshine, the air conditioning blasting away. The next, lightning flashed across the sky, and thirty seconds later we were in the middle of an icy, torrential downpour – the sort that blinds the driver, because the windscreen wipers don’t go fast enough to clear the rain. If you were watching it in said horror movie, that would be the point where you screamed at the idiot teenagers to for-gods-sake-go back!

We didn’t, obviously. The next day we went to the seaside at Aberdeen. Probably. I say probably, because the deep sea fog hugging the coast meant that I could only definitely confirm that there was sand that looked a bit like a beach. Whether it led to the North Sea is anybody’s guess, because I certainly couldn’t see it.

On the other hand, there were rides that went round and round in a variety of amusing ways, and Eva had a great time.

When we left a couple of days earlier, we were unsurprised to discover that, yes indeed, everywhere else in the country the heatwave had continued uninterrupted.

On the writing front, there’s an awful lot happening, some of which I can clue you into. This week I’m finishing off a ten thousand word novelette for the Pendragon Press anthology Choices, based on my stage play Radio Trauma. As I’ll be travelling on Sunday, that really needs done before I get to anything else.

Behind that, Dark Terrains is coming, a whole book of short stories, original artwork, and more, which like The Flesh Remembers before it, you’ll be able to take away for free. Almost everything is together for this at the moment, and I’m hoping I will be able to release it among you in October. A couple of the stories in the book are original (including a graphic novelette), while others are selected from works I have previously had published in anthologies, magazines, and so on, over the last ten years. Many of these are now out of print or very hard to find, so this should make your life quite a bit easier if you want to read them.

I’m also working to develop a super secret anthology. I’m not a hundred per cent sure how super secret it really is, but as nobody has announced anything anywhere, my lips are sealed. All I’ll say is that so far, it looks like being one of the most flat-out entertaining books I’ve ever been in, and should be available early in 2007. I want to tell you lots more about it, but really can’t just now. As soon as things firm up, probably towards the end of the year, I’ll let you know more.

I also finished the edits on my novel Thy Fearful Symmetry, of course. Now that’s exciting!

I told you I was busy. But it all makes me very happy.

So… how the devil are you?

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  1. TashAugust 8, 2006 at 8:33 am

    Very happy to have the radio silence stopped! Glad you have been busy and well. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. MarkAugust 9, 2006 at 11:07 am

    Good to see you back, Richard, I was starting to get a little concerned. Hope all the good stuff (apart from being away from home) continues and well done with all the writing!

    Things are very good at my end, apart from the writing. I’m off to the States a week on Sunday (for a week), which is my first time to that continent but also the first time that I’ll have been away from Matthew for any longer than a day – so I’m both looking forward to it and not, at the same time.

    The block is still consuming me. I’ve been invited into an anthology, have a pretty good idea for a story and just can’t seem to get the words onto the page. It’s very painful…

    Otherwise though, very happy with my lot.

  3. Richard WrightAugust 9, 2006 at 3:06 pmAuthor

    Tash – I shall indeed see you soon, and happy belated birthday!

    Mark – thanks, and sorry about the block. Perhaps your garden design creativity will carry over 😉 Don’t worry – it’ll come when it comes (said the actress to the…). Good news about the antho though – always nice to be asked!

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