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Home Improvement

May 11, 2006 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

The last couple of weeks have been busy, and I’ve barely found time to write, let alone write here. Sorry about that. Not only am I looking after Kirsty and Eva, but have also had to conduct minor repairs on the house after having a new floor fitted. I’ve been going to bed very tired indeed.

Kirsty is much improved, although it could be as long as three months before her hands and arms are pain free, and she’s still on an exciting cocktail of medication in the interim. It is almost a certainty that much of what she has been told by her doctor has been invented to suit, as the nervous system is a topic that seems to create a fluttering panic in medical professionals. They named her condition with something beginning with a ‘neuro’ and ending with something that was clearly made up on the spot in an effort to sound knowledgeable. What it comes down to is that the nerves endings and associated muscles in her neck are in shock, and doing crazy shit, man.

None of which prevented us from having our old laminate wood flooring torn up last weekend, and replaced with lovely, rustic oak floorboards. It looks very nice indeed. Unfortunately the sub-contractors doing the fitting left the house in something of a shambles, the most noticeable problem that our ground floor interior doors no longer fitted in the spaces they were supposed to.

I have never claimed to be a skilled handyman (or if I have I don’t remember it, and it was probably only to get laid, and I apologise unreservedly to anybody foolish enough to have fallen for that in the first place – I’m hardly the rugged, workman type). My skills lie elsewhere. While I’ve made myself useful throwing sets together for theatre, it’s hardly the same thing as proper, lasting DIY, designed to be lived alongside for years.

Yet I took a plane to the doors, in an effort to make them smaller. Smaller they now are, although aesthetically the effect is aligned more towards comedy relief than refined elegance. There is clearly a reason why people are paid to be good at this sort of thing, and further reasons why I am not one of those people.

Yet the downstairs looks lovely. A few touch-ups with paint, to cover various scrapes and knocks the workmen left, and we should be done.

At some point in the last couple if weeks, Summer has decided to happen all at once in Glasgow. This is rather a shame for Spring, which had been waiting in the wings while Winter dragged on, and has now missed its opportunity to do a turn. Perhaps it did sneak briefly on stage while I was otherwise engaged, but I haven’t noticed it at all. Very perplexing. We can only hope that it does decide to push its way on between Summer and Autumn, or worse, Autumn and Winter, and waits its turn until next year. Things could become extremely confusing, otherwise.

There is an unusual glut of engrossing television attention distracting what little free time I have. I am particularly enjoying the following…

24 – Despite having missed seasons three and four, I’ve had no problem jumping into season five, and it’s every bit as riveting as I remember. As far as I can tell, Kiefer / Jack Bauer and his daughter are actually the only surviving characters from the first series, which is an invigoratingly high death toll for a regular series.

Lost – What can I say? I have absolutely no idea what’s happening, but I’m in love with my ignorance. Now it could be the case that, as the series progresses, it jumps the shark, but right now I’m loving the journey. It’s drama at its most intelligent. I’ve just watched the fourth episode of the new series, and the pace is bewildering. Normally it takes several episodes for characters to have a half thought about perhaps doing something a few episodes later, but these four have moved at breakneck speed. No doubt it will slow to its usual, mystifying crawl soon enough.

Doctor Who – The second series is running in the UK at the moment, David Tennant’s first as the titular Doctor, and it’s an amazing ride. I loved the (now BAFTA winning) first series, but this could have it beat. I’m continually impressed with how sophisticated the programme is, while still operating within a ‘family audience’ time slot. Last week’s episode, The Girl in the Fireplace I think, was beautiful. Time and space haven’t been this entertaining for years.

House – I’ve only just started to watch this, as I thought I would never again be able to sit through a medical drama. Hugh Laurie compels me though. It’s almost a one-man show, with the most delicious character, and scripts that keep surprising me with splendid lines of dialogue.

The Apprentice – The final episode of the UK version (infinitely superior in every way to the US, by the way) was last night, so that’s at least one evening time slot cleared. The belligerent, aggressive Sir Alan Sugar is the lord of the boardroom, and Michelle Dewberry was the right winner. Her opponent, The Badger, would never have been taken seriously in the business world after the show, despite her terrifying demeanour. I mean, even she refers to herself as The Badger. It hardly strikes terror into the hearts of your professional adversaries, does it?

But coming up in the next couple of months…

The US Apprentice Season 3 – not as good as the UK, but still compelling

Big Brother – I will hate myself, but get addicted to it anyway

And time is so precious, too…

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  1. StaceyMay 17, 2006 at 8:54 pm

    Hey there, hi there, ho there!

    I’ve been in Florida for a week, visiting my brother and trying to decide if I will migrate south when the rest of my family does within the next couple of years (I’ll save you 6 days of agonzing and emotional blackmail and give you the short answer: not bl**dy likely).

    Ah yes, Lost and 24 are two of the best things out there (although I’ve fallen off the Lost train recently, I plan to catch up during summer reruns), and House is great fun, too (although my parents refuse to believe me when I tell them that Hugh Laurie is a Brit). House gets a bit formulaic after awhile (how many different ways can a character say “I have no idea!”?), but Laurie’s characterization alone remains worth the price of admission.

    As far as Big Brother, what can I say? I share your shame, Rick, and eagerly await the day we lock our American gerbils in so we can observe them for hours on end.

    Glad Kirsty is improving (as is your mood, it seems). Hard to maintain a bleak outlook with summer staring you right in the face, isn’t it?

    Be well –

  2. HeatherMay 19, 2006 at 1:51 am

    I *hated* The Girl in the Fireplace – way too Star Trek “romance of the week”. I love Steven Moffat ordinarily (I was a huge Press Gang fan as a kid), and his two parter in the Chris Eccleston season (The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances) was sublime, so I was really disappointed.

    I adore House – Hugh Laurie is just superlative 🙂

    I’m gonna miss the West Wing, which finished its seven year run in the US last weekend. Now *that* was drama. Although obviously the first four years were better than the last three, and if John Wells goes anywhere near Aaron Sorkin’s new show I’ll drop one of his own helicopters on him.

  3. MarkMay 19, 2006 at 12:19 pm

    Glad to hear that Kirsty is improving and I share your skill level, it would appear, with the trials of DIY (it’s a good job we moved nearer to my parents, since my Dad is a whizz!).

    I’m trying to avoid LOST (I got really p’d off with it in the first series) and I am hoping against hope not to get dragged into Big Brother, though I know that will happen sooner or later.

    The Apprentice – brilliant show and the right decision was made. The Badger, apart from her silly nickname, really let herself down in the last few weeks. It was good to see Sayid on the final show though, having obviously learned absolutely nothing at all since he’d been kicked out.

  4. StaceyMay 22, 2006 at 8:10 pm

    I forgot to mention – sometimes a reality TV addiction can be profitable. For the past few weeks, I have had a gig at Reality News Online, writing recaps of a show called Top Chef. Check out my latest here:

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