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How Much?

April 14, 2006 by Richard Wright in Journal, Writing

I meant to mention, because it makes me giggle, about the hugely optimistic reseller. Go and have a look at the listing – on the right hand side you’ll see a small box listing what copies of the book are available on the Amazon marketplace. You’ll see four new copies listed at ££5.43. You’ll also see one used copy listed at…


As enterprising as this seller is, I should point out that there is nothing special about the copy listed. It’s not a limited edition. It is not printed on gold leaf, with a cover made from baby seal skin. It is a bog standard trade paperback, which you can by new from just over a fiver. There’s a slim chance the copy he’s flogging has my signature on it, which if it was a rare book might boost the price. It isn’t rare, and anybody who wants me to sign a copy of their book need only post it to me with a stamped envelope for return.

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