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Dark Faith

Dark Faith

Faith.  So much of our reality is determined by what we believe, and it can so easily become … undone. Editors Maurice Broaddus and..

April 25, 2010


New Delhi is one of those cities where a car becomes important.  Not having one makes the city daunting and inaccessible.  While..

April 19, 2010

Hotness, Disease, and Last Rites

Or, the three stages of life. Well, the three stages of this blog, anyway.  Firstly, it’s hot.  Bloody hot.  Oven hot.  India,..

April 15, 2010

Things That Are Random

Right, a couple of random things to let you know about, if only so that I can de-bookmark some websites.  Is there a real word for..

January 5, 2010

Sandboys, Dark Faith, and Karmic Fallout

Good news this morning – I found out that my short story ‘Sandboys’ has been picked up for the Dark Faith anthology,..

December 2, 2009