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Stranger Things

March 31, 2018 by Richard Wright in Journal, News, Writing

Happy Jesus day!

Dude has too many days. I lose track. Tomorrow’s the one where he got himself all nailed up to death because we’ve all been very naughty, like anti-Santa or something, yes? And we celebrate it by eating an egg because…rabbits?

Okay. Whatever. You do your thing, I’ll do mine.

Chocolate rabbits though?

C’mon. It’s strange. You have to give me that.

Which in this case functions as a SEGUE, because I have a story in a brand new BOOK, and it is STRANGER.

Segue’s are brilliant, and I’m probably brilliant for doing one, even if I did do it right in your face without checking first.

The story is called ‘Bubble People’. The book is Stranger Tales of the City. I’d like you to go and buy it.

If you don’t know the City, it’s a vast place, where everybody who ever lived or ever will exists in perpetuity after death, Resurrected by strange means for unknown purpose. The stories of the City are…well…everything. Noir crime, high fantasy, medieval intrigue, cyber-futurism, and everything in between. Everything happens there at some point, which means the anthologies that visit the place are about the headiest fusion of genres that you can imagine. Last time I wrote for the City I mixed Chandleresque detectives, Shakesperean tragedy, and little slices of India in a first person narrative by Ian McKellan (sort of). This time…

Well, go and see.

Somehow this is the first story I’ve had published in four years, which just goes to show what happens when you stop paying attention. There’s more to come, and soon, but for now let’s show some love for the City, eh?

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