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The Last Ditch 9 & 10: Ticking Over

There was no post last weekend, and I heard your frightened cries echo across the land. People in London took to the streets in bewildered terror. Ariana Grande threw a concert to make everyone feel better. The British Government fell, then rose again weakened. Chaos reigned.

At least, I assume those things were because I did not post last weekend. I wasn’t really paying attention.

Anyway, no cause for alarm. I got to Saturday and realised I hadn’t been keeping count of my words despite a full week writing, and would have thrown something together to that effect but I got caught up in the twenty-four hour news cycle around the delusional nutjobs that went on a rampage in London. Awful, obviously, and all thoughts go to the victims and their loved ones.

I did the same this week – wrote and forgot to count. I think I can safely say that the weekly word diary is done. It served its purpose, a bit like pumping the gas in a car, but now the engine seems to be ticking over just fine. I’m maintaining the same schedule – writing the curious novelette on Monday, the longer novella Tuesday to Thursday, and short stories on Friday. The image above is courtesy of the curious novelette, and you may draw what clues you like from it.

I am starting to think that the first drafts of at least some of those might be done by the end of this month. Breaking what writing time I have during the week up into small chunks has deferred the anticipated gratification of actually finishing anything – if I’d chosen to focus on any one of the three it would certainly be done by now. Other writers would probably prefer to do it that way, but my free time these days is pretty stretched, so a scattershot approach of dipping in and out of stuff has stopped me from having to stare continuously at the same distant point on the horizon. Instead I have three different horizons, all at slightly different distances, and I don’t spend time enough with any one to really get frustrated. That’s not something I’d planned, but a neat side effect of this way of working.

Once I get to the first finished piece, this year is going to start feeling a lot more stable*. The Last Ditch won’t be a project with nothing to show anymore, which save for some blogs it is at the moment.

That will make me a happy writer.

Total projects complete:

Novelettes: 0

Novellas: 0

Short stories: 0

 *strong and stable…nah, forget it, that’s now a proven jinx.

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