Richard Wright

author of strange, dark fictions

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The Weighing Of The Heart

The Weighing Of The HeartWhere souls are made of stories, the desert gods shall feast.

After the traumatic events of The Flesh Remembers, all Dexter Lomax and his new charge Kirsteen MacDonald want is time alone to recover. They don’t want conspiracies to find them. They don’t want ancient gods to sing their names from the deep desert. They definitely don’t want to be drawn back to the mysteries of the flesh, and the tales it can tell.

Yet a single telephone call from an old friend in deep trouble drags them from hiding and hurls them halfway across the world to Dubai, where old gods have emerged blinking from the sands and found our world to their liking.

Strange ceremonies, vast temples, and hideous chimeras await, and not everybody will get out alive…

The Weighing Of The Heart is now available as an ebook from the following stores:

Amazon for the Kindle (link is to your local store)

Kobo Bookstore


Nook bookstore – coming soon


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