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The Weighing Of The Heart – Guerrilla Book Launch!

September 2, 2015 by Richard Wright in Journal, News, Writing

No. I thought we cleared this up last time. I am not launching a gorilla. Even if I had a trebuchet or some other rudimentary launching device, I would not launch a gorilla.

Because I don’t have a gorilla.

And cruelty to animals and something something not nice to launch gorillas something something kindness.

But due to popular demand, at the bottom of this post I have inserted a come hither gorilla. As much a pleasure to say as it is to gaze upon, but calm yourself. There’s a whole book launch to get too before that*.


Welcome to book launch day! It’s been a year in the making, but I can finally point at the cover of my new novella and announce I MADE THIS THING! LOOK AT THE THING! IT IS A SHINY NEW THING! Welcome to The Weighing Of The Heart.

I didn’t make all of it, of course. As with last year’s The Flesh Remembers, the cover is courtesy of the Extraordinary Vincent Chong, and yes, I am petitioning for that to become his official new name. The cover is so telling that I’m not going to waste time here summarising the book (though of course, the Amazon page has a book blurb on it). I think that image says it all. Scroll down. See the cover. Click the cover. Buy the book.

Weighing Cover


What’s it about?


Do I have to read The Flesh Remembers first?

No, you’re not an idiot. You’ll work stuff out, and the characters will let you know anything important that carries over. This is a new story featuring Dexter Lomax and Kirsteen MacDonald, who appeared in that other book first. There are references, but they shouldn’t frighten you. You don’t really need to know why Kirsteen only has half a face, or why Dexter is drinking so much at the start of the story. Whether or not you prefer to know these things is up to you.

Should I just buy both books to be on the safe side?

All right, yes. If it worries you, yes. Buying both books will make you a sexier, more superior human being. You can get The Flesh Remembers here.

Will there be more books in The Lomax Chronicles?

One more to finish this trilogy off, but I’m not ready to talk about The Blackened Soul yet.


Can I share this?

Crikey, yes. Only you and I know that this book even exists right now. We’re the only ones.

Tell all the people. Book their faces. Twit their ears off. Do whatever the hell Tumblr’s for, if that’s a real thing and not something I invented in a terrible nightmare.

I’m only here for the gorilla.

I knew it. I bloody knew it. Very well then. Here is your come hither gorilla. But I’m making it link to my shiny new book and there’s nothing you can do about it.





*you scrolled straight down to the come hither gorilla, didn’t you? I’m disappointed in you.

** Not Yet Asked Questions.

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