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The Flesh Remembers – Free Kindle Book

August 17, 2015 by Richard Wright in Journal, News, Writing

Today, and for the rest of this week until Friday, you can download The Flesh Remembers for free at Amazon.

The Flesh Remembers
Usually I would put some sort of teaser or summary here, but thanks to artist and designer Vincent Chong I’ve rarely had a book cover that so clearly and brilliantly tells you what sort of thing you can expect from the tale*. It’s short, it’s pulpy, it’s free. Go and get one if you haven’t read it already. If you have, then tell your friends to go and get one.

Why the largesse? Why am I giving my most recent book away for free right now?

Well nobody is suggesting that it is because the second book in the little trilogy that The Flesh Remembers opens will be launched in the next couple of weeks, that’s for sure.

That would be an irresponsible thing to suggest.

For reasons IN NO WAY connected to the upcoming launch of the second book, which I am not suggesting is going to happen in the next couple of weeks, now might be an excellent time to sign up for my email newsletter for readers using the newsletter signup box on the right of this page.

Or it might not.

I couldn’t possibly say.


*Um. If the prospect of following a link to a book without first reading a short summary of its plot fills you with a deep and aching sort of dread then I promise that just such a summary exists on the Amazon page at the other side. 

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