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The Freelance Leap: Just The Facts

TimeI’m out of time for nattering this week, so your Freelance catch up is all facts and figures…


The Flesh Remembers launched on Monday, with three ‘free download’ days to get things moving. Some of you have already torn through the book and left reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Thank you! That was quick.

More than any other book I’ve released, the reach of this one is down to you, and you did a brilliant job letting other people know about it. In total we gave away 272 books. By territory it broke down as:

United States – 202

United Kingdom – 45

Germany –13

Canada – 5

Australia – 3

India – 3

Japan – 

As you would expect, most of the activity was on Monday. Almost nothing happened on Tuesday, and then there came a last minute flurry on Wednesday before it went back to full price. What happens next is… nothing. I’m leaving it alone until the next book in the trilogy comes out in June. Whether it finds new readers depends on things outside my grasp. Will people find it, read it, review it, tell people about it? I just don’t know. Let’s find out.

As for what I’ve learned from this – without a big promotional purchase (such as a paid ad in one of those free/reduced ebook newsletters that go out to tens of thousands) three days is too long to hold attention. Two days would have achieved much the same result, I think. Noted.

I’m keeping track of my fairly ambitious/silly targets for the last few months of the freelance year here every Friday so I don’t take my own eye off the ball. Active stuff that I plan to work on between now and next Friday is in bold.

Self-Publishing Goals

  • Finish & Publish Summer Trilogy part 1: Published and launched – you can now buy The Flesh Remembers at Amazon, exclusively for the Kindle. Done.
  • Finish Summer Trilogy part 2: First draft in progress, but only no pages added this week. Guess what next week’s big project is?
  • Finish Summer Trilogy part 3: Outlined, but no work planned next week.
  • Continue The 52: Late this week – book launch weeks are always chaos, no matter how hands off I am. However, ‘Talking Point‘ was published not long before this post. Next week I’m moving the permanent slot for the project to Wednesday to try and avoid future clashes.
  • Sell 5 Books A Day: We closed off April on Wednesday, at which point I’d sold 28 books. That’s 0.93 books a day across the month, fact fans. Up on where I started counting a few weeks ago, so that’s… um… good.

Traditional Publishing Goals

  • Finish the 25 Day Novel: Nothing on this over the last week.
  • Short Novel 1: Half-written in longhand first draft. No new work done, and none scheduled this month.
  • Short Novel 2: Quarter-written in typed first draft. No new work done, and none scheduled this month.
  • Anthology Novella: To be started. No new work done, and none scheduled this month.

Submit A New Short Story Per Fortnight

  • Fortnight 1: Sent final draft of a story called ‘Doomed’ to Philip Purser-Hallard, for the upcoming anthology Iris Wildthyme Of Mars. Phil was happy with the corrections made, and the story is in. A good way to start. My short story ‘Doomed’ will appear in the forthcoming Iris Wildthyme From Mars.
  • Fortnight 2: In progress. Sunday marks the end of the fortnight, by which point I hope to have submitted a new short story called ‘The Philosophy of Pain’ to Michael Bailey’s Qualia Nous anthology. It’s a bit touch and go at the moment, as today I’m tied up with the new story for The 52. I’ll let you know next week whether I made it.


  • I’ll report on this one monthly. The only goal I have financially is to break even on what I’ve spent on The Freelance Leap. This might take longer than the project itself, but we’ll see. I ended the last financial year with the project deep in the red. April is red too, as the last lingering The Flesh Market promotional expenses got paid. A rush of Amazon payments yesterday and today have put this financial year back in the black, but not by much. I suspect that I’ll end May in the red too, especially after commissioning the cover for the second book of the summer trilogy. Watch this space.

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