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The Flesh Remembers – Guerrilla Book Launch!

April 28, 2014 by Richard Wright in Journal, News, Writing

This is separate and distinct from a Gorilla Book Launch. There are no gorillas. Sorry if you feel I lured you here under false pretences.

Last week I told you to come back today and ogle at my brand new book cover, created by the extraordinary Vincent Chong. You can scroll down and check it out in its full glory. What do you think?

You can also click through to Amazon and see it in situ. That’s right. Where other authors tease you with a book cover weeks before launch day, I offer instant gratification. See the cover, click the cover, get the book. What’s more, for the next 72 hours or so the book is free to download on the Kindle.

See the cover. Click the cover. Get the book. For nothing.

There’s more below the image if you want to know what’s going on. If you like your book launch blogs brief and to the point though, you can stop right here. The cover tells you most of what you need to know about The Flesh Remembers, and you can read the blurb on the Amazon page. See the cover. Click the cover. Get the book. For nothing.

The Flesh Remembers

Tell Us About The Book!

You can go and read the blurb at Amazon, but basically it’s pulp adventure at it’s most summer blockbustery. A review of a previous edition called it “creepy Lovecraftian horror (with just a tad of X-Files style sci-fi)”, and that’s not far off the money. Remember Kolchak the Night Stalker? Well, apart from showing your age, you’re in the ballpark with that too. The book is a fast read, and can be gobbled up on a lazy afternoon by the pool or at the beach. It will also kill a couple of commutes or an average European plane journey.

What Previous Edition / I Remember A Previous Edition?

For those of you with long memories, this is indeed the same novella that was available as a free download from this website from the mid to late noughties*. It’s been spruced up around the edges, but the story is much the same as it was. Changes made include tweaks and additions that feed into the books that are to come across the summer. With Vincent Chong on board to do the covers of all three, I’m finally letting Dexter Lomax tell you of the things that happened to him after his world is flipped in this first yarn.

Wait… It’s A Trilogy?

Fear not, I’m not going to Game of Thrones you and leave you dangling for years. For a start, you can read this book and not worry about the next ones. It’s a bit like the Star Wars trilogy** that way. This first book stands alone like A New Hope did, and if you never pick up the others then you won’t feel cheated. Fair warning – the next book is more like The Empire Strikes Back. When you get to the end of it, you’re going to need the last book to tie up one particular cliffhanger… but we’re not there yet.

Why Guerrilla? What Guerrilla?

Most self-publishers work hard to find ways to do what actual publishers do. There are certain templates for how to launch a book, which includes a lot of time consuming work such as sending off press releases hither and thither, contacting gazillions of book reviewers, and more. I did all that with my last two novels. One of them, Craven Place, did pretty well (and still does). The most recent, The Flesh Market, while not exactly a flop, did a fraction of the same business. There could be all sorts of reasons for the difference, including dumb luck, but it made me wonder how much I really understand about what does and doesn’t work. With this book I’m going back to basics. This blog post, a bit of social media, and a free launch. I hope I’ll learn something about my own assumptions along the way.

Weren’t You Done With Free?

I thought so, quite recently. However, as Ygritte would no doubt tell me (while jumping my bones or shooting me with arrows): You know nothing Rick Wright.

The only real difference between the launches of Craven Place and The Flesh Market was that Craven Place launched for free before jumping to full price. That might have been nothing to do with why it did better, but it’s worth testing. For this first book in the series then, we’ll try a free launch and see if that’s still a thing that helps books to sell.

Can I Share This?

God, yes. Please. You can share either this page or the book page on Amazon on Twitter, Facebook, or any of them other social media things. The more copies we can give away, the more chance there is that Skynet Amazon will notice. If Skynet Amazon notices then it might initiate a nuclear catastrophe to wipe us from the planet and repopulate the world with hunter/killer death machines recommend the book to many more people who like the same kind of thing. If you have a Kindle, please go and download the book (even if you read the previous version). If you can convince anybody else to do the same over the next few days then I will cheerfully make babies with you/buy you beer/assassinate your annoying neighbour***.

I Don’t Have A Kindle!

I have to draw the line at supplying free Kindles to potential readers. However, this book is probably short enough to read on other devices without straining your eyes too much. You can download free software from Amazon that works on all manner of phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Here are the links for the US, UK, Canada, India, Australia… any Amazon store which sells Kindle books also offers these. Paperback readers… you’re plain out of luck this time around. I’d like to gather these three novellas into a single paperback edition later down the line, but that will only happen if they do well enough on Kindle first.

I Want A Gorilla!

Never happy, you lot. All right. Here is a come hither gorilla. Now go and download my book.


*I hate the word ‘noughties’ with the same vibrant fervour I otherwise reserve for finding cat dung on my pizza.

**The good one. And the proper version. If Han and Greedo turned up in The Flesh Remembers (they don’t), then Han would have shot first.

***Delete as appropriate.

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