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The Flesh Market

fleshmarket“Doon the wynds an’ up the streets,
Where revenants sought souls tae eat,
The Butcher called for twitching meat
An’ Burke an’ Hare did answer.

1827. A year after the Cadaver Riots tore the heart from Edinburgh. Fear still chokes the Old Town, for though the revenants were driven back with shot and steel, they still lurk in the city’s shadowed closes. When night falls, they strike.

In dissecting rooms anatomists slice twitching flesh as they dream of cures and glory. For the greatest among them, Robert Knox, there is no price that cannot be met in the quest for knowledge. Behind closed doors he trades in walking death, dealing with devils to keep the flesh market supplied…

Set between the slums of 19th Century Edinburgh and the ivory towers of its academia, The Flesh Market is an almost true story of murder, mad science, obsession, and the restless dead.



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“The Flesh Market was a revelation, a game changing novel that if stripped of its horror themes would still be a fascinating read.” – Jim Mcleod, The Ginger Nuts of Horror

“Gruesome and fascinating.  A true terrors-of-the-night type of thriller.” – Clarice Minchew, Clarice’s Book Nook

“For a tale so concerned with death, it’s bursting with human vitality.” – J.J. Marsh, Bookmuse

“If you’re looking for a change of pace in your zombie lit, this one’s for you.” – Cate Peace, Indie Books R US

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