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The Flesh Market – Launch Day!

February 17, 2014 by Richard Wright in Journal, News, Writing


Finally – finally – it’s time to launch The Flesh Market. I feel like I’ve crossed the line on my hands and knees this time round, but as with any marathon journey it’s crossing the line at all that counts. In my head there are bands playing, and children cheering, and everything.

You can buy the book for the kindle or in paperback (that link should take you to your local Amazon, where both editions are linked on the same page). Set between the slums of 19th century Edinburgh and the ivory towers of its academia, The Flesh Market is an almost true story of murder, mad science, obsession, and the restless dead.


I thought long and hard about how I might encourage people to help out today. After referring to several weighty tomes by Paul McKenna and Derren Brown, it occurred to me that I should probably just ask. It’s so much simpler. So, please help me launch this book.

There are three ways you can do that They can be done in a few seconds.

  1. Buy a copy. Nothing says ‘I hope this book does okay’ than actually buying it. If you don’t, all the other books will make fun of it and it will grow up introverted and afraid.
  2. Link to the book on Facebook, today. I’ve listed the links to the Amazon book page below – I’d much prefer you send people there than bring them here. Pick the one that’s in your region, copy it, and paste it into your status. FB will pull in a picture of the book with the link. Write whatever you want to go with it, and post.
  3. When you read the book, go back to Amazon and drop off a couple of lines about whether you liked it or not in the customer review widget.

The second is important. The biggest problem a newborn book has to deal with is obscurity. If nobody knows about it, nobody can buy it. I don’t want to use Facebook to hard sell the thing to anybody – I don’t really think sales work like that. People like what they like. This is about making sure the people who might like The Flesh Market actually know that it’s there. If a bunch of people put it on Facebook, a bunch more people will see it. Some of them will think it looks awesome, and give it a try. Others will ignore it and no harm done. Some will forget about it until next time they see the book somewhere, and remember that they meant to look at it last time.

Point is, people will at least know that it exists. After that, it’s up to the book to be worth people’s time. If you show it to the people you know, you’re helping me out enormously. Thank you!


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If I stay online, I’m going to spend the next forty-eight hours stalking my own book. I’ll get over-excited every time a sales rank increases on Amazon, and crushingly depressed whenever it falls. I’ll start poking people with a desperate ‘I have a new book’ gleam in my eye. I’ll crash Twitter with a million tweets all saying variations of exactly the same thing. It will be frantic, desperately unattractive, and completely disproportionate.

Basically, I will spam you. I will spam you until you bleed, and then hate myself in the morning.

So when I’ve posted this I’m going to run away. I’ll drop by a few places to announce the book to people who I think like this sort of thing, and then the laptop goes off for the next 24 hours. By then I might have calmed down enough to look at things without combusting with mixed emotions.

Apologies to those of you who have popped by looking for this week’s instalment of The 52. With the novel launching today, I didn’t want the new story to get drowned out in all the noise. I’ll be putting ‘Paper Cuts’ up tomorrow instead, to give it a chance to stand on its own two feet.

Right. Definitely hiding now.

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