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The 20 Day Novel: Day 14

Delhi Pride“There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supercedes all other courts.” Mahatma GandhiYesterday the supreme court in India overturned a 2009 ruling and made homosexuality illegal again. You can now go to jail for ten years in India if you’re gay.

Why am I even surprised? I know I’m currently living in a country where large proportions of the population still don’t think women should aspire to anything but motherhood, where sexual assault is in practice often considered a minor misdemeanor if it’s taken seriously at all, where a country that has a proactive space program can’t work out how to stop its children from starving to death in sanctioned slums, where corruption is the modus operandi for everything from politics to local shopping, and so on. There are so many black marks on this country’s ledger that you would think the last thing it would want to do is add another. You’d be wrong. It seems to be actively collecting them.

None of which has anything to do with this novel, of course. I just thought you should know. In fact, I think everybody in the world should.

ScrivThe 20 Day Novel is currently 52,189 words long. A little over halfway to where I hope it gets. Yesterday I sat and made notes on the next ten or so chapters, which I hope are going to keep me roughly on track over the next couple of days. Scrivener thinks I need to write 6830 words today to have a hope of finishing on time.

Scrivener has clearly been drinking.

 11:30 – 12:30. 1127 words. Ro’s in a morgue to examine a body. She’s about to get a fairly spectacular surprise. It’s easy writing so far. Might be the benefit of getting that plotting done yesterday.

Oh nos! Kirsty brought me back a Subway sandwich and I had to EAT it! Oh nos!

I also have a sarong now. Sarongs are cool.

14:00 – 15:00. 1093 words (2220 total). This book has an enormous, filthy slug thing with bone legs now. I wasn’t expecting that.

16:00 – 18:30. 1491 words (3711 total). Ooops. Lost track of blogging there. There has been fun in morgues with hungry worms, and I know a lot more about morgue refrigeration units than I did this morning. Going to prep dinner, and collect Eva from her last ever Brownies (she has reached the age limit). Back soon!

My rash vest has arrived (a very tight nylon/spandex top that keeps the sun off – I’ll need it in the Philippines). It is the most flattering garment I have ever worn. I look like a bag of sexy jelly in it.

21:00 – 23:30. 1546 words (5247 total). My blogging has fallen apart today – sorry! Still going on this. It’s all been Roberta today, in morgues and control rooms. Just about to start a new chapter, and hope to get far enough into it to clear today’s words before things get blurry.

Nope, scratch that. Things are already blurry. I know exactly what happens in this chapter, but I can;t get the order right and that’s just tiredness. Going to wind down for half an hour then go to bed. 5247 words today. I’m falling steadily behind, but still have 57,436 words that didn’t exist fourteen days ago.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

While I’m writing this novel, I’m also preparing to release another called The Flesh Market towards the end of January 2014. A story of science, murder, obsession, and the walking dead, the book creeps between the slums of 19th century Edinburgh and the ivory towers of its academia. In the next few weeks, well before the book is released, I’ll be giving everybody signed up to my email newsletter a free ebook copy for their Kindles, Nooks, smartphones, etc. At the top right of this page is a ‘Newsletter Signup’ box. Stick your email in and you’re done. Your details will never be passed on, to anybody, ever. Thanks!

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