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Storyteller – A Found Book

Storyteller-coverStoryteller. The thing that happens when fourteen authors find a list of short story titles, and a reason to write for them.

In memory of Matt Kimpton, who died in September 2012.

All proceeds to to Cystic Fibrosis charities.


Strangers from the Sea – George Mann
Moon Eyes – Stuart Douglas
Grandad with Snails – Nick Campbell
Seal Morning – Cody Quijano-Schell
Put Out More Flags – Sarah Hadley
The Hanging Tree – Cavan Scott
Honey in the Horn – Mark Manley
The Devil’s Children – Richard Wright
Harlic – A Story of a Grey Seal – Simon Bucher-Jones
Doctor Syn – Ian Potter
The Samurai’s Daughter – Andy Smillie
Black Mischief – Elizabeth Evershed
The Unicorn Leacock – Orna Petit and Jacqueline Rayner

Buy the ebook from the publisher today for £1.99, or go and get a paperback.

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