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Invoking The Sandfather

January 23, 2013 by Richard Wright in Journal, Writing

Dark Faith: InvocationsOver on Goodreads the Apex reading group, who have been working their way through Dark Faith: Invocations a story at a time, have just opened a thread about my story ‘The Sandfather’. I hope you have time to join in – you’re welcome to post to the previous threads about previous stories too, or just lurk and get a feel for whether the book’s for you. I’ve enjoyed reading along with people’s thoughts on the other tales in the book. Several of the authors and editors have already swung by to say hello, and I’ll join in when the regulars have had a chance to put their thoughts.*

It’s also my turn in the spotlight at the Apex Books website, which is running the Dark Faith Devotional mini-interviews in time with the stories being discussed at Goodreads. I discuss my story here.

If you need any further motivation to grab a copy, there’s also an excellent and thorough review of the book over at The Troubled Scribe that’s well worth a look.

*fails to conceal secret fear that my very presence will kill all conversation dead…

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