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Asian BirdManFlu & Other Stories

January 8, 2013 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Asian BirdManFluThis is what I actually look like today*, thanks to a horrific disease I appear to have picked up in Thailand.

Before that, Thy Fearful Symmetry is this week’s read over at Indie Books R Us. Over the next few days you can expect Marisol Dunham’s review of the book, and an interview with me in which I say stuff about it. Stay tuned, and watch that space. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, now’s as good a time as any. Jen Wilson from Nightscape Press did, and posted her own mini-review here.

Thailand has given me the gift of Asian BirdManFlu, a serious and real viral condition that I invented yesterday. It’s a bit like a bad cold, but much worse than anything ever. Today, I have been mostly hiding beneath a duvet.

Among the many various symptoms, some of which are too horrible to put into print, Asian BirdManFlu can cause you to sleep for long periods with your arm sticking straight up in the air, as though permanently poised to answer difficult questions in class. So says my ladywife anyway, who boggled at said symptom last night. If your partner begins to sleep with an arm sticking straight up in the air, then… well, I’m sorry, but there’s not much hope left. Feel free to put them out of their misery, perhaps smothering them with a pillow. It is the kindest way.

Over on Goodreads, Apex Books are hosting a readalong event for Dark Faith: Invocations, taking a short story from the book every day or two and discussing its merits or failings (mostly merits, I hope!). Remember that New Year’s resolution to read more short stories? This would be a splendid way to start. They’ve only just begun, so I reckon you’ve time to download the book and join in. At some point they’ll reach ‘The Sandfather’, and I’m already nervous about what conclusions they’ll draw. They should get to that around about the 17th of this month, and I’ll try to drop by and join in when they do. That will be just before I pop out and run a marathon, so should be a useful distraction.

Ah yes, the Mumbai marathon. Twelve days, and I can barely stagger around the house. So much for last minute training. Unfortunately, my most recent call for sponsorship (me and six others are running to raise cash for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity) was more successful than expected, and some of you actually threw cash in the pot. As such, there’s no backing out now…

I’ve just peeked at the running total, and we’ve crossed the £1500 mark. Every penny of that goes to helping cancer victims and their families. Thank you to everybody who has chipped in – if you haven’t yet, don’t be shy. Those five pound donations all start to add up.

It’s hard to be sure because I can’t see the price from outside the US (just a redirect link to the UK, where they’re still charging for it), but I think Amazon US are finally listing His Work To See as a free ebook on the Kindle (if anybody inside the US could confirm and let me know in the comments, that would be great). Go and grab one, if the Kindle is your reading device of choice, and make sure you tell anybody else who might be interested. If you’re a Nook or Kobo owner (or any of the other options), the chapbook is already available for free at the stores for each of these devices.

Right, back to bed. My nose and lungs appear to have transformed from an open tap into things which make glue, and I’m going to risk considering that an improvement.

*not remotely true

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