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Publishing Thy Fearful Symmetry: Paperback Release!

I’m excited to bring to your attention that my novel Thy Fearful Symmetry can now be used to kill actual trees. Trees are evil, as you most likely already know, so I urge you to buy a paperback at the earliest opportunity. That’ll teach them.

At the moment, you can only get the paperback at Amazon (in the US, the UK, Germany, Spain, France, etc), though it should roll out to other online stores in the coming weeks.

I have to confess, the paperback feels like a major landmark. As a reader, I’m an ebook convert. I guess I do maybe eighty percent of my reading on my Kindle and iPad, and don’t miss the rustle of paper at all. As an author though, it’s a little different. I think it’s having all your work – months an years of effort – come together as something tangible, that you can hold (and in my case, sometimes furtively fondle). The novel has always existed for me as words on a screen, and seeing it on a Kindle isn’t much different than seeing it on your laptop while you’re writing it. As a paperback though, it’s a thing transformed, and gets to be new and exciting to me all over again.

Go and grab one, if paper is you thing.

I loved the biblical inclusion to the story and the entire plot as a whole. It was haunting and unique and wonderful.” – Melissa Perea, Indie Bookshelf

In an exquisite display of timing, there’s a brand new review of the book up at the Indie Bookshelf, where Melissa Perea gives it a big thumbs up. I’ve been over the moon at how well the novel has been received by book bloggers so far. Most authors suffer from enormous self-doubt (Brian Keene writes about it splendidly, over here) at some point during the process of releasing new work, and I think that increases enormously when you do so without the assurance that having a publisher can bring. The first raft of reviews, from blog reviewers and Amazon readers, have allowed the nerves to settle a bit.

And remember – if you’re a Kindle reader, you will be able to get the book for free in a couple of days. November 5th, at Amazon. Bonfire night in the UK. The eve of the presidential election in the US. Perfect day to invest in watching the world burn…



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  1. chenNovember 2, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    Woohoo! Congratulations Mr. Wright!! Cheers 🙂

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