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Publishing Thy Fearful Symmetry: Kindle Launch

After months of work, far more than I had planned for, Thy Fearful Symmetry is now available to buy for the first time. As I mentioned in the last post, it’s exclusive to the Kindle until November, when I’ll release the paperback and other ebook types. Without further ado, here are the links:

If you’re a member of Amazon Prime in the US, I gather you can also download the book for free as part of your subscription.

There are a couple of reasons why it’s exclusive to the Kindle. Firstly, Amazon make it much easier than anybody else to make the finished book available, especially if you’re outside the US. The second is just time. I’ve been breaking my back trying to make this book as good as it can be, and I’ve got other commitments I need to tend to. Staggering the release of each format lets me spread my energies a little better.

If you’re a paid up member of my newsletter, please don’t buy the book. There’s a copy waiting for you in your inbox as a thanks for signing up (see, everybody else, I told you to get signed up…).

I hope the rest of you might buy a copy – it isn’t very often that the apocalypse comes to Glasgow (in many ways, its natural home…), and I think that’s something that needs to be celebrated.

The book blurb reads:

Blood will flow. Fire will fall. Days will end.

The end of the world started in Glasgow, with a kiss.

Two people – two creatures – fated to be eternal enemies downed their blazing spears and loved. To do so, they broke rules hardwired into the DNA of the universe.

The universe noticed. The universe broke.

Now Heaven and Hell are hunting them. Nobody on Earth can help them. Worst of all, the fabric of reality us unravelling around them, the Apocalypse has been brought forward a millennium, and it might all be their fault.

On cold streets, the last tattered remnants of humanity must draw faith in a world that has no more use for them. As the masses pray and crawl on bloody knees, the few must restore the fearful symmetry between good and evil – for the sake of all.

Spread the word, if you’re inclined, and help people find the book who might love it.

Next post, I’ll be talking all about promotion, and why I’ve decided to ignore every single piece of received wisdom I’ve read about successful indie publishing. Until then, shouldn’t you be reading a book or something?

(The book should also be making its way to other Amazon stores – go and have a look to see if it’s at yours)

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