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Tattered Souls

Anthology of six novelettes, including Other People by Richard Wright (Cutting Block Press, 2007).


“Other People works on a more intellectual level. Normally, quotes by Sartre in the beginning are an alert to be wary, but here they work as a frame for a nihilistic take on urban despair in the form of twisted sex and death by dishwasher… Tattered Souls seems a good place to discover future talents in the world of horror .” – Matt Adder, Bookgasm

“Cutting Block Press has put out a book of high quality horror that is extreme in every sense of the word. Recommended.” – Darren Agranoff, Monster Librarian

“All told, these six novellas present unique takes on the macabre, and there is bound to be a story here for just about every sort of horror reader.” – Daniel Robichaud, Horror Reader

“All of these stories are top quality, guaranteed to give you a shudder or two. Certainly, after reading Other People, you’ll never look at your dishwasher in the same way again. I loved Tattered Souls, and I think you will too.” – Patricia Snodgrass, Horrorworld

Order from the following stores:

Cutting Block Press (US) (US)

Horror Mall (US)

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  1. Richard Wright · Tattered Souls LaunchApril 2, 2007 at 7:28 pm

    […] ten ‘o’ clock on Saturday night, at the World Horror Convention in Toronto, Tattered Souls was launched by Cutting Block Press. Within its pages lies my new novelette Other […]

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