Richard Wright

  • December 21, 2018Incoming


    Connie dog incoming. Chaos en route. Sadie dog blissfully unaware of what is about to land. More as we have it.

  • March 31, 2018Stranger Things

    Stranger Things

    Happy Jesus day! Dude has too many days. I lose track. Tomorrow’s the one where he got himself all nailed up to death because we’ve all..

  • March 4, 2018Beasted


    The Beast from the East has struck. Which is to say some weather happened and, in line with modern politics and the sweeping tides of..

  • January 3, 2018Top Five Books 2017

    Top Five Books 2017

    And a happy new year to you too! No, that sounds old fashioned now. A relic from a simpler, happier age. We need something more appropriate..

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